STATUS: On a Trading Break

Welcome to my Trading Page!

I'm a dependent Turkish Metallica Fan since 1998. And I'm collecting bootlegs since April 2007.
I prefer shows mostly from the old days which I define 1983-1992. I'm picky on the shows later than 1992.
But if you have a show in Turkey from any date, contact me straight!



40 Shows Added!

After some ages I'm back to update my Bootlist again. This time about 40 shows with the ones not labeled "NEW". Thanks a lot once again to each trader for the excellent shows.


20 Shows Added!

After a long period of busy days have time to update my list again. Here are the new ones after 5 months.

1986.12.09 - Toronto, Canada 2DVDs Videopete-WvMonster
1988.11.30 - Oklahoma City, OK, USA 2DVDs 1stGen Sabkisscrue-Hellawaits77
1989.01.28 - Tulsa, USA 2DVDs Videopete
1989.02.15 - West Palm Beach, USA 2DVDs Sabkisscrue-Hellawaits77
1991.08.30 - Hasselt, Belgium 2DVDs Master
1992.03.04 - Carbondale USA 2DVDs
1992.03.16 - Orlando USA 2DVDs Master 2nd Source Invaders
1993.06.12 - Rotterdam, Holland 2DVDs Spacemanrocks
1994.06.07 - Allentown, USA 2nd Source 2DVDs DamageInc777
1996.11.27 - Copenhagen Denmark 2DVDs WvMonster
2003.12.05 - Hannover, Germany 2DVDs Metallifreak27
2003.12.09 - Paris, France Bercy Beaucoup
2007.07.05 - Vienna 2DVDs Dirty Windows
2008.08.22 - Leeds, UK 2DVDs Master Dreamweaver-LeperMessiah26
2008.12.01 - Seattle, WA, USA 2DVDs Metfan91
2009.04.02 - Paris, France Dual ESPMAN77
2009.05.17 - Cologne, Germany - 3 Cam Mix
2009.09.20 - Montreal, Canada 2DVDs Hellawaits77
2009.12.12 - San Jose 3DVDs WWM, LeperMessiah26
2010.06.22 - Sofia, Bulgaria Dual Norbinho PRO LM Audio


10 Shows Added! Thanks a lot superjr66 for the trade.


2 Shows Added! Thanks a lot Dennis for the amazing show.

1994.06.07 - Allentown, PA, USA - 1st Source Damage Inc. & Sabkisscrue 2DVDs Master
2009.05.17 - Cologne, Germany - Dennis & Franticfreak 2DVDs Master


24 Shows Added!

Nine from this year and some cool shows from the old eras. Thanks goes to Babou, cotis, Franticfreak, papahet252003 and Schulzi69 for the great trades.


38 More Shows Added!

Got some nice 1st Gen upgrades along with some cool shows.


37 Shows Added!

After a 3 month period I have updated my list with 37 cool shows. Some of them are not so new anymore, so I didn't label them all NEW. I have more time to trade these days, so you can send your wishes.

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